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Experience the epitome of oceanic feasts with our Lobster Clambakes, available at market price. Our Lobster-Infused Clambakes are a seafood aficionado's dream, blending the riches of the sea with culinary finesse. Enjoy a medley of succulent Snow Crab Legs, robust Jumbo Shrimp, delicate Little Neck Clams, and tasteful Small Black Mussels, all steamed to perfection. This maritime treasure is complemented by hearty Red Potatoes, sweet Pearl Onions, and the rich flavors of Kielbasa. No clambake is complete without the classic Corn on the Cob, adding a touch of sweetness to the savory ensemble. Accompany your meal with a crisp Mixed Green Salad, soft Butter Biscuits, and the day's special Dessert. For guests favoring terrestrial fare, we offer a selection of non-seafood entrées. Enjoy your meal!

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