Frequently Asked Questions - Catering, Payments, Orders


How do I work with your company on my event?
  • It is best for you to book online if you have questions please call us 2522160196.
  • Have your basics in mind...A decent understanding of how many people you need to feed
  • In what location 
  • And what your budget is per person.

Many clients are apprehensive about offering up a budget.  Please think about what you want to spend per person to host your event. 

How early do I need to contact you prior to the event?

  • The earlier the better.  Certainly the caterer should be the first contacted when putting together an event.  The caterer handles events all the time and can save you money on rentals, set ups and venues.
  • So get your event on our calendar with your booking fee as early as possible to insure you are going to have the finest cuisine.

How do I work with you on a wedding?

  • The same as any other event.  Weddings are a time of great joy and a lot of stress.  Before you hire a wedding planner talk to us.  While you are doing one wedding, we do them every weekend.  So our ability to get you through the event comes from experience and that leads to a smooth event and money savings for you.

How do I decide on the menu?

  • Look right on the site you must have at least 6 people per menu. If you have a theme or genre of food in mind we can fill in the blanks.  If you don't know we do approximately 300 events per year.  We can show you other menus we have done and guide you.  What your menu will be is also guided by the budget you have set for the event or wedding.

Can I get pricing from you?

  • Certainly!  Look on the site and register this will give you a price and you can book the event right here

We were not in your budget range yet you helped point us toward someone that could help us, why?

  • As the Outer Banks premier Clam Bake Company we understand food better than anyone.  If you come in and are not in our budget range we know who cooks and who "heats up" foods.  We want your event to be successful so we will point your toward a qualified caterer that can help you meet your quality standards and event requirements.  It is in our best interest for you to have a good event.  Eventually you will need us and the level of service we offer.