Catering Information

Professional Meal Catering from 6 to 600 at any location!

Whether you�re with 8 friends on vacation with family or a wedding, why don�t you treat yourself to a homemade meal made by someone who isn�t you for a change? We can arrange to send one of our highly skilled chefs over to make any meal you want. OBCB will have you a masterfully made meal that you and your guests will love!

*" off season " and catering location reflect on the minimum amount of people required

No Crowds

The best part: You�ll get a great meal without the hassle of a busy restaurant with lines that literally can last hours during the tourist season. You can skip all that and get to eat it in the comfort and privacy of your own vacation home!

We�ll bring everything we need and as many people as we need to serve you and your friends properly. We�ll cook, serve and clean up the dishes.Cooking and set up is indoor . What more could you ask for in a meal at home?

Take a Break

Hey, you�re on vacation and don�t want to cook; we understand. We don�t blame you! It�s the Outer Banks, go enjoy yourself let go and leave the cooking to us